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  • Landsforeningen spædbarnsdød

    Supports a
    good purpose

    When purchasing products, you are supporting the National Association of Infant Death. They support and guide parents and their relatives who have experienced infant death as well as advising specialized staff and workplaces that come into contact with infant death.

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    If you buy for more than 65 €/50 £, we offer free delivery. For purchases of less than 65 €/50 £, the cost is 7 €/5 £. Your purchase is delivered with GLS to a pick-up point or business address, and you will receive a tracking number so that you can track the package all the way.

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    If you regret your purchase, you can return it for up to 30 days. You receive a refunded for your goods and for the freight you might have paid on making your order.
    However, you do have to pay the postage yourself for sending your goods back to us.

MindMyAngel – a light not easily put out

MindMyAngel is a universe, a blog, a webshop, a YouTube channel, that primarily targets people and their relatives, who have lost someone dear.

We want to be a platform, where there is a basic atmosphere of ‘space’. Space for being in deep grief. Space for having lost someone years ago. Space for being a relative to someone grieving and not knowing quite what to do. Space for asking questions - and for not asking. Space for simply thinking, that we offer some very nice products.

We wish to be the place where you can find personalized memorial items, where you can find a paper windmill – even in winter, and a red heart – even in summer.

We want to be a place where you can find inspiration on how to make decorations for the grave and how it can be done together with your kids - even how it can turn into an occasion where you to have a good chat about life and death and our beloved ones whom we are missing.

Our motivations for starting MindMyAngel were the losses of our sons. Our children who died are still our children. We want to create a platform where every child in the family, equally have their own place whether dead or alive.

There is no comfort or consolidation that can take away the pain in our hearts. However, lighting a candle, putting a flower in a vase next to a picture, hanging a special heart or baubles on the Christmas tree, can be a small but welcome light in the dark.

In the past, when having lit a candle by the grave, we often rushed away on leaving the grave, and did not dare to look back, as it would be unbearable to see the little flame go out in the wind. We’ve come to think of it as being symbolic that we sell cemetery lights, funeral- and votive candles with a cover that is extra protective. Now, the flame burns until the candle has burned out.

MindMyAngle wishes, to be that small light from the candle, that does not easily go out.


Kamilla and Rebekka