About Us

MindMyAngel arose from a personal need to remember our children. In 2007, both of us experienced the tragedy of losing our first child. Over the years, we have often had little luck in - or had to make unnecessarily large efforts finding symbolic items and other things, that can express a glimpse of the loss and longing we feel.

We have founded MindMyAngel with a wish to collect, in one place, symbols and items that can light up the darkness for the bereaved. When our arms are literally too empty, and when longing overwhelms our lives, nothing can ease the pain. However, we do see that expressing our love can soothe and bring relief. One way of doing so, could be by actively ‘doing something', for example lighting a candle at home or by the grave - or it can be through other people showing that they too remember. Symbols can be helpful in integrating the child into the life that does continue – that the child is given his or her own place in the family and is carried in our hearts.

Our vision is, to openly acknowledge that death is a fact of life that sooner or later will affect us all. We believe, that more people have a greater need for making space for grief and for making it visible, than what is considered acceptable in today’s society. A need that changes shape over time but will last a lifetime. It is healing to be able to integrate the person we miss, into our story and further life. It feels life expanding and liberating when sorrow and joy are allowed to exist side by side.

When we can talk about it as the premise of life it is.

In Denmark we lack a place that sells actual products as well as makes available useful information and relevant links when death enters your life. This is our vision, that MindMyAngel makes this available. We will work towards reaching out to a wide range of people in Denmark and abroad who have lost a dear one, and who are looking for a symbol that can express the longing and love they feel.

In loving memory of Kaspian and Albert

Kamilla and Rebekka