Memorial Box, large

Memorial boxes can be used to gather some specific memories you have about your child, your mother or father, a sibling or another person who is close to your heart.

Width: 42 cm.
Depth: 31 cm.
Height: 24 cm.

The boxes are made of light plywood.

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As dependents of a person in grief you can as a symbol of compassion or as a condolence gift bring Memorial box and fill it with for example a memorial light, an angel, a book maybe together with a personal greeting. Afterwards the memorial box can be used as cover for all the concrete, personal memories that meant so much. The things that must not disappear.

The memorial box is a way to preserve individual memories. Memories that both now and later in life can help to nuance the individual's narrative about himself and his family including the living and the death.


Commemorative box can be decorated personally by a poem, a drawing, or otherwise. If you want to share, how to decorate it, we at MindMyAngel would receive pictures with lots of gratefulness - and we are sure that very many (children out there) would be happy to look with. Thanks in advance.

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